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Date: c1855

A fine pre-numbered Desk Compendium timepiece.

The finely chased and engraved gilt-brass arch topped case with swivel foot, hinged rear strut and collapsible handle, the rear having an engraved border to the top panel with hinged cover to the escapement signed HUNT & ROSKELL LONDON; the silvered dial decorated with leaf scrolls and foliage also signed HUNT & ROSKELL LONDON having Roman numerals and blued steel fleur de lys hands with a recessed moon phase aperture, thermometer to the right and a calendar below with rotating roller showing days-of-the week. The eight-day duration going barrel movement with Cole’s uncut balance. This is the only recorded strut clock of this form with three subsidiary features and is one of the earliest examples retailed by Hunt & Roskell; retaining its original gilding and perfect silvering to the dial.

Case height: 7 ¼ inches (14cms).
Width: 5 inches.
Depth: ¾ inch.

See ‘Thomas Cole and Victorian Clockmaking’ by J.B. Hawkins.



No. 777
Date: c1851

The finely chased and engraved gilt-brass case numbered 777 in the form of a Cheval Mirror hinged at each side, with swivel foot and folding articulated handle, the rear with captive winder and shutter to access the escapement. The silvered dial similarly engraved with Roman numerals and blued steel fleur de lys hands; the eight-day going barrel movement with lever escapement and uncut balance. This is a good early example of the maker’s work with finely detailed engraving.

Case height: 6 inches excluding handle.

See ‘Thomas Cole and Victorian Clockmaking’ by J.B. Hawkins, item 41 on page 117.



No: 3506
Date: c1855

A fine English Carriage Clock with travelling case and winding key.
The glazed gilt-brass case with shuttered rear door and folding handle; the silvered dial with Roman numerals and blued steel fleur de lys hands signed JAMES McCABE, LONDON, No. 3506; the eight-day duration two train chain fuseé movement, signed and numbered by the maker, sounding the hours on a gong, with repeat via a button, having a ratchet-tooth lever escapement with gilt platform and a bimetallic compensated balance with strike/silent selection lever at the rear. Together with green baize lined brass bound mahogany travelling case with sliding aperture and recessed brass carrying handle containing the original numbered winding key.
Case height: 6 ½ inches (16.5cms)
Height of travelling case: 8 inches (20cms)



Date: c1870

An unusual French carriage clock with ‘night time’ repeat on a gong.
The attractive florally engraved case showing exotic birds on the base with a similar theme on the side panels, with a shuttered rear door en suite; the white enamel dial having Roman numerals and blued steel moon hands with alarm set dial below, signed CHles OUDIN, PALAIS ROYAL 52; the two train spring barrel movement sounding the hours on a bell with plunge repeat on a gong via a separate movement signed Breguet, the alarm sounding on a bell in the base, with a gilt platform lever escapement. Complete with original black tooled leather travelling case with folding brass handle and latches.
Charles Oudin, élève de Breguet, is recorded at Palais National 1850; Palais Royal 1860.
Case height: 5 ½ inches (13.5cms).



34 Cannon Street
No. 12
Date c: 1838

A fine and very rare Mail Guard’s watch made for the London and Birmingham Railway, which opened for traffic in 1838 and numbered 1823 for the railway, having a four-day duration chain fusée movement with lever escapement; the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and blued steel hands.
Height: 4 inches (10cms)
Width: 2 ¾ inches (7cms)
Depth: 1 ¼ inches (3.2 cms)
See Carriage Clocks Their History and development by Charles Allix, pages 31 and 32 for a similar example and a brief history of the Mail Guard’s watch.



No. 1041

Date c1852

A very good mid-nineteenth century engraved strut timepiece.

The well engraved case numbered 1041, with folding handle, swivel foot and folding strut supports with bowed glass to the finely engraved silvered dial, signed C.F.Hancock LONDON, having Roman numerals and blued steel fleur-de-lys hands. The eight-day duration spring barrel movement, wound from the rear via a captive winder, with lever escapement. The case signed on the rear :-



Case height: 5 inches (13cms).

Note: The mainspring is dated 1858.




The finely engraved gilt-brass case with pierced and engraved top moulding above an opening hinged top panel revealing three compartments for stationery and visiting cards etc. The arched centre section housing a timepiece with a silvered engraved dial with Roman numerals and blued steel fleur de lys hands, signed THOs. COLE below V1; the eight-day duration spring barrel movement with lever escapement flanked by two side panels engraved with Grecian style urns with floral festoons, beneath the clock is a storage compartment, the flat section to the front contains a silvered adjustable calendar with ink wells with spring-loaded lids at each side. The whole standing on moulded square tapering legs.

This is one of Thomas Cole’s finest and most imposing creations.

Case height: 8 inches (20 cms)
Depth: 5 inches (10.5 cms)
Width: 10 inches (25.5 cms)



No. 6196
Date: c1875

The gorge case with finely painted cream enamel decoration depicting a leaf and floral pattern with dial mask en-suite; the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and blued steel moon hands; the two-train spring barrel movement numbered 6196 and signed DROCOURT on the inside of the backplate, sounding the hours and half hours on a gong, with repeat facility, having a silvered platform lever escapement together with a Drocourt red leather travelling case of a slightly later date.

This style of case decoration is particularly unusual and seemingly only used by Drocourt, it is very rare to see an example with a cream ground, usually it is blue with white flowers. Case height: 5 inches (13cms). See ‘Carriage and other Travelling Clocks’ by Derek Roberts pages 194 and 204 for similar examples.



No. 17001

A rare GIANT porcelain panelled carriage clock.
The finely engraved gilt-brass gorge case mounted with top quality ‘bleu celeste’ porcelain side panels in the Sevres style depicting romantic scenes of maidens and putti with dial en suite signed for Henry Capt Geneve having Roman numerals and blued steel hands; the substantial two train spring barrel movement bearing the DROCOURT stamp and numbered 17001, sounding the hours on a gong, with repeat facility, surmounted by a large silvered platform lever escapement having a bi-metalic balance wheel with compensation and poising screws.

Case height: 8 inches  (19.6cms).
With handle up: 10 inches  (24.5cms).